Attijariwafa bank, the leading banking group in the Maghreb and one of the top 10 banks in Africa

Ranked as one of the most important financial groups in Africa; Attijariwafa bank is the result of a mega-merger between “WafaBank” and Banque Commerciale du Maroc.

As a technological partner for strategic alliances, M2M Group ensures a total migration of the two merging organizations towards a single platform.

1212 branchess
1296 ATM
+ 2 million customers
2.5 million cards
3D Secure
3 000 cards/Nb of cards issued per day
Average nb of ATM trs/ day:
89k trs/ AWB card
6k trs/ International
17k trs/ Other cards
107 Users of MX Plus
19 case of fraud detected
Average time of an authorization: 150 ms

MX Payment enables Attijariwafa bank to grow quickly its international branches

MX Payment enables the management of all the e-transaction processing activities of Attijariwafa bank national and international branches.
The platform manages issuing and acquiring services of Attijariwafa bank extensive portfolio of Visa, Mastercard and Diners cards, including debit, credit and prepaid cards. MX Payment also delivers ATM monitoring services to the entire banking network.

To help enrich Attijariwafa bank offer, new value-added products and services are implemented, among them the launch of a top-up and bill payment service in partnership with two major Telecom operators: Meditelecom and Maroc Telecom.
These new services enable Attijariwafa bank boosts its e-payment offer which is already one of the largest offers in the region, including Prepaid cards, Travel cards, Youth cards and Revolving credit cards, to name a few.