Bank of Mauritius implements state of the art switching solution with MX Payment

A national switch to bring financial inclusion and cost effectiveness in the payment value chain

With the switch, Bank of Mauritius, the national regulatory authority for financial institutions, makes financial stability a reality. Sustainable consumer protection is insured through simplifying the clearance process, reducing transactions costs and enabling merchants to share point-of-sales terminals and citizen to use ATMs of any bank.

In addition to ensuring interoperability between banks, Bank of Mauritius has an ambitious program to connect telecom operators, transport, government and financial institutions to this platform to encourage electronic payments in the country; the bank is focused on achieving sectorial convergence and is making it a priority.

MX Payment to bring added value services

MX Payment offers a variety of value-added services such as prepaid cards, e-wallets and facilitates government payments as pensions and social security payments.

Thanks to MX Payment platform, Bank of Mauritius brings innovative and efficient payment services directly to the customer through private label card issuing, tax and E-Gov payments and third party processing.

Today Bank of Mauritius proposes a complete solution for banks to build their own version of best-in-class banking and payment system through a range of services including a payment hub, wireless processing, Internet and mobile payment switching.