MX Payment™: A platform covering the entire value chain of electronic payments

Our products and solutions offer a full range of features to support payments in a secure environment.

MX Payment™ orchestrates all aspects of payment processing for any type of transaction (withdrawal, payment, money transfer…), via any means of payment (debit card, credit card, prepaid card, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others) and on any channel (ATM, POS, Mobile phone…), with any currency or via any payment scheme (Visa, Mastercard, UPI, RuPay…).

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Issuing Platform

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Transaction Processing Platform

Clearing & Settlement

MX Clearing & Settlement facilitates the automated and transparent transfer of the holder’s transactions to its bank account thanks to a complete management of the interbank clearing. The latter supports any payment method, any channel and any type of transaction.

Dispute & Chargebacks

MX Dispute & Chargeback enables fast and transparent resolution of any type of electronic payment dispute – issuer, acquirer and interbank – thanks to efficient and automated management of the processing workflow: automatic allocation of litigation cases to investigators, possibility to automate processing standard dispute cases, decision support tools and automatic multichannel notifications to customers and operators.

Switching Platform

MX Switch allows electronic transactions to be routed between payment acquirers, electronic banking centers and domestic and international issuing institutions via Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International and many other standard interfaces. It is compatible with all types of transactions (withdrawal, payment, money transfer, and many others), any channel (ATM, POS, mobile phone and many others), and any means of payment (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others).


Acquiring Platform

Platform for Securing

Transactions’ Authentication

In response to the resurgence of electronic fraud and cybercrime, MX Authentication enables strong end-user authentication for all types of Internet transactions (payment, money transfer, account consultation and many others), with any payment method (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others), and any channel (mobile phone, computer, tablet and many others).

Risk & Fraud Management

MX Risk & Fraudprotects holders, merchants and financial institutions against fraud on any type of transaction whatever the channel. The application allows proactive detection of holder and merchant fraud attempts for issuers and acquirers through advanced risk calculation algorithms based on the transactions history and comparisons with typical models of behavior of fraudsters. In case of fraud detection, it is possible to block the transaction automatically and to alert the customer, operators and electronic payment units in real time by sms, email, and many other channels.

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