M2M Group offers modular solutions with an open and scalable architecture.


All of M2M Group’s platforms are part of the MX™ product line that meets different business needs.

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MX Payment™ “On Premise”

Multi-channel electronic payment platform: issuing, acquiring, authorization, securing and switching

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MX Plus PaaS™ – Payment as A Service : Cloud Services

Comprehensive suite of cloud services covering the entire value chain of multi-channel electronic payments


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MX E-Gov

Complete range of solutions dedicated to biometric identity management and e-procedures

m2m icon campus

MX Campus

Multi-service student cards issuing platform and management of university services

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MX Move

Secure, highly scalable and open ticketing solution complying with the new international standards

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MX Health

Health cards issuing platform and end-to-end management of healthcare services end-to-end health and care services

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MX Enterprise

Integrated solution for human resources management