Supported by a modular and open architecture, MX Plus provides 9 comprehensive business solutions.


MX Payment

MX Payment is a comprehensive tool for managing electronic transactions, from issuing cards to purchasing and authorizing multi-channel payments, through transaction routing and advanced fraud detection. It is equipped with a user-friendly web-based graphical interface enabling any company, whether banking or commercial, to issue worldwide secure, multi-currency electronic payment methods compatible with the largest payment networks.

MX E-Gov

A full range of solutions dedicated to ID management and public eServices. MX E-Gov affords the efficiency, security and convenience required by governments and their citizens. It complies with international standards and guarantees high levels of security, interoperability and sustainability. MX E-Gov product line supports a comprehensive functional spectrum including identification systems (electronic ID cards, biometric passports, e-driving licenses…) as well as data automation solutions (local, regional and national tax payments, administration tele-procedures, e-services platforms …)

MX Campus

A university services management platform dedicated to students, teachers and administrative staff. This platform facilitates the daily life of students and accompanies their mobility within and outside the campus. It helps the students since their registration until their graduation. It also includes an electronic wallet allowing the payment of any type of services within the institution without any liquidity. It also manages the catering, student attendance and requests for administrative documents.

MX Move

A comprehensive ticketing management solution intended for the transport industry. MX Move addresses key areas of public transportation: managing a wide product range, tariff offer, tickets sale, validation & control of payments, and also operating infrastructure. MX Move is a secure, highly scalable and open solution that meets the highest security requirements, banking and transport. It allows cities, companies and public transport operators to increase revenue, reduce operating costs and offers comfort and innovation to users. MX Move allows transport operators to provide and manage all types of tickets, new standards and also offers them the opportunity to open up to other applications in different areas.

MX Health

MX Health is a platform for identification, authentication of affiliates and end-to-end management of health services whether at the doctor office, hospital, pharmacy, laboratory or center of analysis care or radiology. Starting from prescription edition to the purchase of medicines at pharmacies, MX Health helps reducing fraud drastically thanks to the biometric identification of patients and practitioners and also the encryption of the care sheet and prescription directly on the health card. This platform is dedicated to all health operators, namely: health, insurance, mutuals, health centers, social welfare institutions and social funds.

MX Enterprise

A fully integrated solution for Human Resources Management, covering all strategic and operational processes of HR departments including: staff management, Payroll, time and attendance management as well as HR Development. MX Enterprise is a comprehensive, modular and highly configurable solution that addresses all types of organizations whether they operate in a local or international market, in a private or public sector. With an extensive functional coverage and high-performance full-web (J2EE) architecture, MX Enterprise combines reliability, innovation and reduced operating costs